The House of Noire Founding Members

 The House of Noire was created in 2016 as a labor of love and a symbol of dedication to promote the art of burlesque, glamour, family, and a tribute to the ballroom scene. The House of Noire was inspired by the legendary dancer Willie Ninja and the House of Ninja after the founder saw the cult classic, “Paris Is Burning”. In two years, The House of Noire managed to create a new genre of burlesque, host workshops abroad , and the ensemble received recognition by the prestigious Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2017. The award winning ensemble also dazzled audiences with their transformative revue inspired by the Perle Noire’s life called Seven Deadly Sins. The gems of burlesque helped Perle Noire create a dynasty and a platform to promote empowerment and evolution. Special thanks to Bizzy LeBois, Lilin Lace, Pearls Daily, Poison Ivory, Taradise, and Tutu Toussaint for their years of dedication and inspiration.